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Bob Herbert doesn’t want Bush to appoint anyone

Bob Herbert writes in yesterday’s Times that:

It’s important that both nominations be looked at closely. The political right has been relentless in its campaign to control the federal courts, and that campaign is getting awfully close to an absolute victory. Seven of the 13 circuit courts are already controlled by Republican appointees, and it is possible that within two years that control will extend to as many as 12, and maybe all 13 circuits.

What Bob fails to mention is that, since Bush is a Republican, every person he nominates, regardless of ideology, will go down in that primitive accounting as a “Republican appointee.” Of course “looking at the nominations closely” as Herbert suggests would do nothing to change the fact that every Bush appointee will be (yep) a Republican appointee. The only way to avoid the crisis Herbert averts to would be for Bush to appoint no one at all. Yikes.

P.S. Two years for complete world domination? Has Herbert looked at the numbers? It’s 8 to 4, favoring Democrat appointees, on the Second Circuit, and that’s full so there will likely be no new appointments. A whopping 17 to 7 on the Ninth. For either of those to shift to majority Republican appointees would take a whole lot of Democrat-appointed judges retiring in the next 2 years, which doesn’t strike me as likely.

Further reading: For anyone who missed my research on the “methodology” used to get the seven circuit figure, see below. Rosenblog also weighs in.


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