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What’s the Political Affiliation of Bare Skin?

John over at Discriminations recently posted suggesting that a “spring fling” for minority college students, including a “fashion show,” was problematic because clothing he characterizes as indecent was worn. His title for the post — “Diversity is as diversity does” — suggests that diversity has the pernicious effect of making college students take off their clothing.

One wonders how true that implication is — it was my impression that college students of all races seem generally willing to take off their clothing for just about any reason.

One also wonders about the condemnatory tone reserved for “liberals” (especially women) who dare to wear revealing clothing or flaunt sexuality, while conservatives (especially women) who engage in the same behavior are hailed as healthy, energetic youth. For example, Instapundit gleefully links to pictures of 17-year-old Aimee Deep in lingerie. Warbloggers go crazy about Asparagirl’s much-linked diatribe against Lysistrata as war protest, which ends with her resolving to go have lots of sex.

This makes me wonder: Where are the conservative criticisms of conservative “indecency”? I have seen none. And if there are none, as I suspect, isn’t that silence further evidence that the “indecency” is not the problem, but rather the underlying politics of the people shown?


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