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A month without blogging is like a month without sunshine

Come to think of it, my work schedule did give me a month without sunshine, or pretty close to it. Perhaps that’s why the blog began gathering cobwebs.

This post won’t be long (there is time enough for that later, perhaps). But, I couldn’t help but notice that “D”, the mysterious Sub Judice scribe, has now “been a lawyer for around 18 months.” (Their perma-links aren’t working, as usual — you can go to the site and see this a few posts down). Congratulations, “D”, for reaching this milestone. But don’t you think that 18 months of service as a battle-hardened lawyer makes your self-description, as being a “recently minted lawyer[]”, a little less accurate?

By now, if you were at my firm, you would have a full year-and-a-half of service. You would be a second-year associate, with a whole echelon of first-year associates junior to you — not to mention the army of paralegals, and, now that it’s June, the horde of summer associates. In short, while you would not yet be a senior associate, you would not really be “recently minted” either.

But of course, that’s life at the big firm. Perhaps you’re at a legal aid firm, small firm, or other place where 18 months is still “recently minted”. Perhaps you took time off to clerk, or work at another firm, and so are relatively new at your firm. All of those are possibilities. In any case, I would implore you not to wear the “recently minted” label too long. You don’t want to be like the WB, after all, which advertised its “New Tuesday” for four years running.


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