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Making Law Reviews More Accessible to the World?

Not two weeks after mailing off old-fashioned checks in envelopes to the Columbia Law Review and the Harvard Law Review (neither of which accepts credit cards, see here and here, so I actually had to dust off the checkbook), I now learn that both publications are offered through Well shizzle my nizzle, as the brits would say. Yep, the ivory tower that is law review subscriptions, the last bastion of civilization, has now been conquered by the internet. Web-savvy law scholars can order the Columbia Law Review by clicking here (though at $64.04, it will cost you $15.04 more than the check-envelope method), and Harvard here (at $52.57, it’s almost $2.50 less than ordering by check). (No explanation is readily apparent for the price differences).

Amazon’s list has a few other top journals, for example Michigan (which is offered at a $10.07 markup). However, many others — including Yale, Georgetown, Penn, Virginia and Chicago — are inexplicably not on the list.

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