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Will Ben Richards join Captain Freedom?

Well-cultured cineasts are familiar with the classic movie The Running Man, which featured unforgettable dancing, matronly grandmothers betting on death games, and not least of all a titanic struggle between two beefy actors, Arnold Schwarzenegger (the hero “Ben Richards”) and Jesse Ventura (the evil but popular “Captain Freedom”).

In 1998, Jesse Ventura became a different kind of running man, running for the governor’s office and winning in Minnesota. His Running Man colleague Arnold is now apparently following in his footsteps.

One has to wonder whether Ben Richards will have the political knack that Captain Freedom showed. Richards seemed rawer, less politically adept, and besides he gave us the memorable one-liner, “I’m not into politics, I’m into survival.” However, Richards did eventually beat Captain Freedom in the movie. And that alone makes me think that, until shown otherwise, the smart money is on Ben Richards getting the next (political) kill.


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