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And in the darkness bind them

We have survived the great blackout of 2003. I had the day off, so I was home when it hit. Which was nice. Because otherwise I would have had to have gone down 40 flights of stairs (after being freed from a stuck elevator, most likely), and then gotten from 50th street up to 225th street without subway service, with taxis reportedly moving at a rate of 2-3 blocks per hour. (This with the cash in my pocket (about $15), since ATMs were dead, and with most stores closing, on a nice, balmy 90 degree day.)

On the one hand, I sort of wasted a day or two of vacation, because I would have had a lot of time off anyway. On the other hand, it would have been a lot less fun.

The blackout had one (small) upside. We were able to take the kids outside and looked at Mars in the sky. We could see all sorts of stars, too. Not the usual night sky for New Yawk City, where you’re lucky to be able to see the moon.


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