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Should Dustin be shutting down shop — or putting up a “For Sale” sign?

I mentioned earlier that Dustin is ending his blogging career over at Legal Guy. His exit from the blogosphere may be required, as he states. However, there is quite a bit of invested social capital, time, and effort in Legal Guy. In fact, Legal Guy is a blogosphere brand of sorts. Which makes me wonder — why shut it down, when he could sell it to a buyer who wanted to instantly establish blogosphere credibility.

For exaple, what might happen if Dustin listed Legal Guy on ebay?

For sale, blog address. Includes the following:

Recognizable name.

Established readership.

Established listing on blogrolls. (See Technorati – Legal Guy is linked by 13 other blogs).

I imagine he could get a few bids. A target might be new law student blogger(s) who want to begin with a somewhat established readership. He could even include a small overlap period in the sale, and a few introductory posts to help transaition to new ownership, like “This is my new co-blogger Jane, I hope you like her” before bowing out.

The downside would be that any new owner might take the blog directions Dustin didn’t like, and he might not appreciate their use of his established credbility to that end. On the other hand, I’m not sure that this is a less desirable outcome than the destruction of the brand.

(Another downside might be that, if enough of Dustin’s readers are aware of the outright sale of the brand, they would not accept new ownership. It might be best for him to keep the sale as non-public as possible).


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