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Spam again

Recently, spammers have started adding nonsense text (random words) to try to get past spam filters. I just received one example that I thought was funny — they included so many random words that the message (something about credit card debt, apparently) is all but incomprehensible! The message read:

vocabularyJust a way to CANCEL your DEBT.kept

luftwaffe realtor tanager cityscape aft chancel beyond convey horace aggrieve redcoat dishevel diadem delicious flintlock acs scarsdale sibilant chiefdom kiva waive airline cranberry lung

100% Money Back Guarantee.alex

tycoon delphi bacilli angola operatic omission synonym crevice permitting cottonseed badge limerick benefice lamarck salubrious andean usher dar decade temperance coprinus inexplainable indestructible scramble tassel waxy commute bellyache clayton yeoman true hepatica adventure ditch malarial

No Bankruptcy. No Loans. No Negative Credit Report.peptide

shelby hancock kaiser conundrum monolith mortar byrne ascribe councilmen buttermilk dank saxophone featherbedding ridgway smooth herringbone polymorph bromide carboxy elaborate pipe cramp comrade belies tambourine adaptive analyses treadmill fallacy canvasback boric tutelage demarcate patio drown crestfallen

Stop ALL Collections and Harassment Calls.emblazon

form roundabout agony captor neuroanatomy leadsman r transalpine burgher corrupt declamation comparative convoke upheaval mcgregor electronic hillock assemble follow climatology phlox underclassman evildoer medusa dub shinto rail council imperil decreeing vault beset

Eliminate your debt in appox. 120 days with no problems!anthropomorphic

devon vertices sockeye arbiter relate chestnut hurst inscription virginia beauty nuclei chalcocite crown lyman bromley aye electrocardiograph nourish ames tenterhooks btl betrothal blandish despondent superior

This includes your personal debt, bank loans, and credit card debt.dewdrop

detonate asheville pratt blather foliage drench dressy holloway coleman derrick addict beat ambition rex antietam vacillate maggoty wrote melodramatic tactile desecrate baby

Full disclosure and information will be given to you before you decide.dilettante

bullwhack album demultiplex bestowal zigging placeholder syllabi committing intuitive metallurgist o’s beatitude triptych nail brookside

We have successfully Eliminated debt for 1000’s of customers,flemish

beget fest braniff citron evenhanded shave caruso candle amphibious dosimeter bestselling broadcast warmonger sleety afghan lansing lovelace liaison

I have to wonder about people who get this kind of message and don’t know that the extra words are just anti-filtering additions. They are probably scratching their heads, wondering “What in the heck does this mean?” Now that’s the way to sell something — totally confuse the customer!


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