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It hasn’t been too bad of a day, not bad at all.

I went swimming with M in the morning — the first day of our swim class at Mesa. It was an interesting class. I haven’t swum like that for fifteen years, and I hadn’t realized how out of shape I’ve gotten, swimming wise. (My legs sure are telling me that, now.) It will be good to get back into swimming. And it’s fun to take a class with M, too. (The first time I’ve ever had a class with her!). It looks like it’s going to be a fun semester together.

After that, it was the usual. I went in to work, answered e-mails, got class materials ready for tomorrow. Did useful things.

And, dealt with blog drama. The blog drama never ends. I am soooo tired of it. It’s draining to deal with, day in and day out. I really don’t care anymore. I have other places to be, other things to do, other things to think about. Things I could be doing instead of blog drama: Law blogging at Co-Op. Taking pictures. Playing with family. Reading books. Writing. Doing work. Blogging at John’s commune. It will be soooo nice for blog drama to be over. Soooo nice. It’s nice just to think about.

Other than that, let’s see. In the afternoon, I went in to traffic court to take care of my ticket. I wasn’t too sure what to think. I took a magazine, cause I thought it might take a while. The process was very streamlined, though. I was a little worried because the stated ticket amount was $500, but I thought it would be dismissed. And when someone ahead of me had the same ticket — registration, license — and had that all done, the judge dismissed the ticket for a $10 fine. At that point, I relaxed. And I had exactly the same. $10 dismissal — not a bad resolution, not bad at all. And the whole process was interesting to watch — different people getting tickets for all sorts of different charges.

After traffic court, M. went to her evening class. I had the kids. It was fun and relaxing. I cooked some noodles, and made a chicken alfredo sauce. (The peppers were kind of old, so it wasn’t as good as I had hoped.) I put in some laundry, and got some cleaning done. Danced with Doey. Watched Avatar with the kids. It was fun.

And then, I went running this evening, two miles. Nothing special on the time (8:56/19:19). But, that’s okay. I haven’t run for a few months, and I don’t want to start off too hard, so I don’t give myself shin splints or anything.


For tomorrow:

-Catch up on journal.
-Figure out this new blog.
-Probably more blog drama, unfortunately.
-Blog at Co-Op. Write about: Chemerinsky; SSM case;
-Stretch, because I’m gonna need it. My legs are probably going to be unhappy.
-Do more laundry.

Speaking of which, shopping list:
1. Outdoor light bulbs.
2. Clothespins.
3. Paper plates.


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