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Today, quickly

I’m tired.

Up early to teach. I hate teaching at 8 a.m. This is not going to be a fun semester. Taught intestacy and children today. (I think I forgot to upload the slides, too.)

Met with a student after class, discussed her exam from last semester, plus class choices going forward. Came home, and took a nap. 🙂

Went swimming in the afternoon with M and the kids and B’s kids. It was pretty fun — the kids enjoyed it, and I worked on my swimming, a little, with M.

Got to the chiropractor with M. Then, in the evening, the usual house stuff. Laundry, dinner, some cleaning up, etc. Worked with S on his birthday cake. Hung out with K and talked about video games he wants to design. Took down S’s crystal-making project (sugar/water/string) after it got overwhelmed with ants, for the fifth time.

Spent a few hours fighting my computer, working on wordpress, and the like. Not the most fun in the world, but it should pay off pretty well, I hope.

To do:

-Upload slides, if I haven’t already.
-Catch up on journal. (Hey, I can just copy this on in, can’t I?)
-Blog at Co-Op.


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