Seeking for Righteousness

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Done, today, so far

Boiled a big pot of potatoes.
Rounded up a few loads of laundry.
Was a mean taskmaster to the children, making them fold clothes and clear tables and take out trash and pick up toys.
Folded some clothes.
Lost cell phone.
Got most of the rest of the files transfered.
Found cell phone. (In plain view.)
Got M. registered for some classes next semester.
Played computer and blogged a little.

Still to do:
Figure out which files I missed in the transfer. Get them moved.
Try to catch up some on my damn journal.
Clean the house some more?
Finish making mashed potatoes.
Ward thanksgiving party tonight. Take pictures.
Go paint the town red with M. and J.
Go run?
Read student papers and reply?

Move files off of old dining room computer?


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