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Grading Progress

5 pm — Detailed initial point sheet for BA essay 1 is done. (It will change slightly as I grade.)

6:20 — done with first six. Revised grading sheet. Feel somewhat on a roll.

6:46 — ten down

7:28 — fifteen down. brain is melting.

grading music: coldplay, fix you

7:56 — twenty down. I am a grading machine.

Time to go home, get some dinner, then continue.

made it home, ate some dinner, collected thoughts. now ready to grade like a maniac for a while.

9:51 — only up to 26. Going slower than I was hoping.

10:41 — just crossed 30. Hallelujah.

Music of the moment: The Airborne Toxic Event, Sometime Around Midnight

11:30 — done with all of the typed ones (37). On to the written ones (6).

11:32 — damn, I hate ugly handwriting.

12:15 — it always takes longer than planned, doesn’t it?

Well, first pass-through is done. I need to recalibrate the high end, but the grading sheet didn’t move much, so I don’t think I need to recalibrate others.

Essay 2 is going to be interesting. Putting the grading sheet together is going to be a pain. But a good half dozen students didn’t do it at all, and a dozen more were very short answers. So grading should move more quickly. It’s going to be a bloodbath.

12:26 — okay, done. Need to put into a spreadsheet.

12:44. Putting together the grading sheet for Essay 2 is giving me a headache. Who was the genius who came up with this question, anyway?


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