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Grading marathon, 5-30

12:10 pm — have early draft of Essay 2 grading sheet. It needs work. Goal: Grading sheet done by 12:45.

12:51 pm. It always takes just a little bit longer.

Preliminary point sheet – done.
Stack of grading sheets – ready.
Music of the moment – Stone Temple Pilots, Vaseline.
Lock and load.

1:43 — done with the first six. Slow going.
2:21 — ten down! Also, got the excel spreadsheet all ready and Essay 1 and MC numbers into it.

3:11 — stopped for lunch with M. 13 exams down.

5 pm — damn, I was kinda hoping to be done with this one by now. Only done with 25 so far.

Also drew up a short answers grading sheet.

Still to do:

BA: Finish Essay 2.
Recalibrate Essay 2.
Input Essay 2 onto spreadsheet.
Make point sheets for mini-essays.
Grade mini essays.
Input mini essays onto spreadsheet.
Input participation onto spreadsheet.
Curve and assign grades.

Wills and Trusts:

Make spreadsheet.
Draw up point sheet for Essay 1.
Make grading sheets for Essay 1.
Grade Essay 1.
Recalibrate Essay 1.
Put scores into spreadsheet.
(Ditto for Essay 2 & 3).
Make point sheets for short answers.
Grade short answers.
Input short answers onto spreadsheet.
Input participation onto spreadsheet.
Curve and assign grades.

Yeah, miles to go before I sleep.

Music of the moment: Evanescence, My Immortal.

5:51 — have been rolling. 39 essay 2’s down (!). 4 to go. I want to beat my head against a wall. Brain is melting.

6:14 — done with first pass through on Essay 2. Need to look over and recalibrate any that need it.

Need a mental break first. Going to put together wills spreadsheet.

6:50 — have wills spreadsheet done. Grading sheet for wills SA done.

7:35 — what happened? how did it get to be 7:35?

9:08 — have mini-essay A graded, now on to B and C

9:40 — mini-essay B is done, but only 16 people selected it. C is going to take longer. And so are 3 and 4.

10:06 — ~80% done with first read-through of C. Damn damn damn, it always takes longer than I was expecting.

10:37 — all done with C.

Going home to do 3 and 4.

1:22 a.m.

Finished BA a little after midnight. Have the first two short answers finished for W/T now. Tomorrow: The rest. (Also, my annual report). Yay!

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