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Things to do today

Teach at 8 a.m. (Done!)
Post slides from class (fix 1 slide) (done 2:10pm)
Meet with student (Done – 10:30ish)
Figure out hotel bill discrepancy (done – 2pm)
Submit reimbursement
Stop surfing the internet so damn much.
Edit edit edit edit edit on RR.


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Wills and Trusts at 8 am
Faculty meeting at 11:30 (it was very productive)
Critical Race Theory at 1 (awesome time)
A fun chat with BJM and related lazy blog post afterwards.

Now, I’m tired. Time to go home, and talk to parents. And sleep.

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More very brief thoughts

-Copies made, all ready to go for CRT tomorrow. (Except for one book I still have to locate, but I think it’s at home.) Yay!
Semi-ready for W&T; should be ready soon enough. Semi-yay! Ready now – yay!
-Class rosters, etc., lined up and ready. Yay!
Still need to finish issue analysis for summer and get exams back . . . not-so-yay . . . Done – yay!
-Semi-prepared for faculty meeting tomorrow. Probably need to send an e-mail update.
-Need to e-mail about website — hmm . . .
-No work done on RR today — blech . . .

Other things I forgot:
-Call hotel about bill. Get reimbursement in.
-Call Dad.
-Clean out e-mail backlog (tonight?)
-Pick up missing book from home (definitely tonight!).

Add in the short article sent out earlier, and that counts as a (semi)productive day, right?

From Reese at FMH:

“Don’t we all go through those periods when we feel like our juggling is totally out of rhythm? When we feel like we’re doing everything halfway and not really getting anything done right and disappointing everyone in the process?”

Amen, sister.

From Mind on Fire, Neil, and AFP:

“Finish things.”

Yeah, that needs to be my new motto.

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Final edits to short article in; footnotes updated; CV updated; submissions sent out. (Deep breath.) Fingers crossed.

Okay, on to the next project.

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What I’m doing today

Apparently, I’m blogging.

At Times and Seasons, a quick note about Hitchens’ remarks about female religiosity.
At Concurring Opinions, a longer discussion of privacy and civil rights issues in the “Skanks in NYC” litigation.

Okay, enough fun and games today, I need to get some work done.

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This semester

Things I’m looking forward to:

-Critical Race Theory is always fun to teach, and the new articles we’re going over should be really interesting.
-Lots of familiar faces — some of my favorite students are in my classes.
-M/W isn’t too bad of a schedule (but see)

Things I’m not looking forward to:

-8 a.m. Wills and Trusts — yeesh. (But, at least the class isn’t going to be on asymmetrical times — small blessings).
-All of the little changes I’ll have to be making for the new edition of the casebook (though it does look really nice)
-Tracking 20 students through the paper writing process; I like reading the papers, but herding and reminding and 20 students to get drafts in in time will be a bit of a chore.

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Grading marathon, 5-30

12:10 pm — have early draft of Essay 2 grading sheet. It needs work. Goal: Grading sheet done by 12:45.

12:51 pm. It always takes just a little bit longer.

Preliminary point sheet – done.
Stack of grading sheets – ready.
Music of the moment – Stone Temple Pilots, Vaseline.
Lock and load.

1:43 — done with the first six. Slow going.
2:21 — ten down! Also, got the excel spreadsheet all ready and Essay 1 and MC numbers into it.

3:11 — stopped for lunch with M. 13 exams down.

5 pm — damn, I was kinda hoping to be done with this one by now. Only done with 25 so far.

Also drew up a short answers grading sheet.

Still to do:

BA: Finish Essay 2.
Recalibrate Essay 2.
Input Essay 2 onto spreadsheet.
Make point sheets for mini-essays.
Grade mini essays.
Input mini essays onto spreadsheet.
Input participation onto spreadsheet.
Curve and assign grades.

Wills and Trusts:

Make spreadsheet.
Draw up point sheet for Essay 1.
Make grading sheets for Essay 1.
Grade Essay 1.
Recalibrate Essay 1.
Put scores into spreadsheet.
(Ditto for Essay 2 & 3).
Make point sheets for short answers.
Grade short answers.
Input short answers onto spreadsheet.
Input participation onto spreadsheet.
Curve and assign grades.

Yeah, miles to go before I sleep.

Music of the moment: Evanescence, My Immortal.

5:51 — have been rolling. 39 essay 2’s down (!). 4 to go. I want to beat my head against a wall. Brain is melting.

6:14 — done with first pass through on Essay 2. Need to look over and recalibrate any that need it.

Need a mental break first. Going to put together wills spreadsheet.

6:50 — have wills spreadsheet done. Grading sheet for wills SA done.

7:35 — what happened? how did it get to be 7:35?

9:08 — have mini-essay A graded, now on to B and C

9:40 — mini-essay B is done, but only 16 people selected it. C is going to take longer. And so are 3 and 4.

10:06 — ~80% done with first read-through of C. Damn damn damn, it always takes longer than I was expecting.

10:37 — all done with C.

Going home to do 3 and 4.

1:22 a.m.

Finished BA a little after midnight. Have the first two short answers finished for W/T now. Tomorrow: The rest. (Also, my annual report). Yay!

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May 29

Doing: Grading sheet. Big pile of exams to grade.

Feeling: Reflective, a little sad.

Music: Taylor Swift, Love Story. Yes, it’s cheesy.

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Today (May 28)

So far:

Had a nice chat with a good friend.

To do:

E-mail conference participants.
-Get grading started.
-Get syllabus and initial assignments in for summer school.
-Revise reading list.
-Fill out fac assessment form.
-Download pics from card to computer.
-Upload pictures.
Get Dialogue revisions in.
-Finish TJ website stuff?

And, later this month: Make edits to RR based on conference comments. Continue to edit MR.

Afternoon Update:

Also done

– fixed some links on this blog
– making kids clean their rooms. I’m the meanest parent ever.
– started on faculty form

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Things I’ve done lately:

-Went to Malibu and presented at the Junior Faculty Workshop. Got very good feedback.
-Had a fun Memorial Day ward barbecue. Need to post pictures.

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