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What I’m doing today

Apparently, I’m blogging.

At Times and Seasons, a quick note about Hitchens’ remarks about female religiosity.
At Concurring Opinions, a longer discussion of privacy and civil rights issues in the “Skanks in NYC” litigation.

Okay, enough fun and games today, I need to get some work done.


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Latest post at T&S

It has butterflies.

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November 13th

A pretty enjoyable day so far.  Played water polo in the morning in swim class.  Scored one goal, assisted on two more, and had fun.  Also, had some online discussion at OM.  

Went with M. on a field trip with K’s class to the children’s museum.  It was a lot of fun — the kids played bumper cars on scooters, made block towers, had a huge pillow fight (we had to help a little), rock-climbed on walls, painted a (real!) car.  Tiring, but fun.  

Home, and then some general cleaning up.  Also, a nap.  

On tap for tonight:  

Watch kids while M. is in class.

Read student papers and get feedback to students.  

Get laundry done

Catch up more on journal

Class prep for tomorrow

Dinner etc.

Pay bills

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What’s up


-Cooked some dinner
-Stephanie over for play date.

To do, evening:

-Pick up a new alarm clock.
-Buy meringue powder, scale?
Done. 🙂


-Journal catchup
-Blog at Co-Op.
-E-mail: Shawna,
-Read student papers.
-Post Halloween pics

Today’s music:

Michelle Branch, All you wanted

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Today, quickly

I’m tired.

Up early to teach. I hate teaching at 8 a.m. This is not going to be a fun semester. Taught intestacy and children today. (I think I forgot to upload the slides, too.)

Met with a student after class, discussed her exam from last semester, plus class choices going forward. Came home, and took a nap. 🙂

Went swimming in the afternoon with M and the kids and B’s kids. It was pretty fun — the kids enjoyed it, and I worked on my swimming, a little, with M.

Got to the chiropractor with M. Then, in the evening, the usual house stuff. Laundry, dinner, some cleaning up, etc. Worked with S on his birthday cake. Hung out with K and talked about video games he wants to design. Took down S’s crystal-making project (sugar/water/string) after it got overwhelmed with ants, for the fifth time.

Spent a few hours fighting my computer, working on wordpress, and the like. Not the most fun in the world, but it should pay off pretty well, I hope.

To do:

-Upload slides, if I haven’t already.
-Catch up on journal. (Hey, I can just copy this on in, can’t I?)
-Blog at Co-Op.

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