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Things to do today

Teach at 8 a.m. (Done!)
Post slides from class (fix 1 slide) (done 2:10pm)
Meet with student (Done – 10:30ish)
Figure out hotel bill discrepancy (done – 2pm)
Submit reimbursement
Stop surfing the internet so damn much.
Edit edit edit edit edit on RR.


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Wills and Trusts at 8 am
Faculty meeting at 11:30 (it was very productive)
Critical Race Theory at 1 (awesome time)
A fun chat with BJM and related lazy blog post afterwards.

Now, I’m tired. Time to go home, and talk to parents. And sleep.

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More very brief thoughts

-Copies made, all ready to go for CRT tomorrow. (Except for one book I still have to locate, but I think it’s at home.) Yay!
Semi-ready for W&T; should be ready soon enough. Semi-yay! Ready now – yay!
-Class rosters, etc., lined up and ready. Yay!
Still need to finish issue analysis for summer and get exams back . . . not-so-yay . . . Done – yay!
-Semi-prepared for faculty meeting tomorrow. Probably need to send an e-mail update.
-Need to e-mail about website — hmm . . .
-No work done on RR today — blech . . .

Other things I forgot:
-Call hotel about bill. Get reimbursement in.
-Call Dad.
-Clean out e-mail backlog (tonight?)
-Pick up missing book from home (definitely tonight!).

Add in the short article sent out earlier, and that counts as a (semi)productive day, right?

From Reese at FMH:

“Don’t we all go through those periods when we feel like our juggling is totally out of rhythm? When we feel like we’re doing everything halfway and not really getting anything done right and disappointing everyone in the process?”

Amen, sister.

From Mind on Fire, Neil, and AFP:

“Finish things.”

Yeah, that needs to be my new motto.

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What I’m doing today

Apparently, I’m blogging.

At Times and Seasons, a quick note about Hitchens’ remarks about female religiosity.
At Concurring Opinions, a longer discussion of privacy and civil rights issues in the “Skanks in NYC” litigation.

Okay, enough fun and games today, I need to get some work done.

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Things I’ve done lately:

-Went to Malibu and presented at the Junior Faculty Workshop. Got very good feedback.
-Had a fun Memorial Day ward barbecue. Need to post pictures.

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Today so far

Took Son2 to the doctor. Waited for an hour. Went in to see the doctor. Learned that it’s a staph infection. Son2 got a giant painful shot in the butt. Then, to the pharmacy.

So much for the best-laid plans for the day.

The good news is that Son2 is starting to feel better. I hope it continues. Feel better, kiddo!

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Today, May 19

Things I’ve done today:

-Edited Microreparations some more, though I still have a long way to go.
-Sent in Radical Reparations draft for Saturday.
-Figured out train schedule for Friday / Saturday.
-Booked hotel.
-E-mailed some people about articles.
-Had a good discussion with M.
-Cooked dinner
-Tinkered with blog settings.

To do tomorrow:

-Finish Dialogue piece and send it in
-Get a grading sheet done, maybe.
-Finish booking travel for this weekend (car & train)
-Figure out travel for June
-Get all summer school admin stuff done
-Blog at Co-Op about Jim Crow?

To do this week:

-Read the papers for the conference

To do, later:

-Edit Microreparations more

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Faculty meeting
Met students
Replied to student e-mails

To do, tomorrow:

Get answer key in
Finish replies to student mails
Journal catchup

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Finished writing my test.

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The trip went well. Thanksgiving was a lot of turkey-filled fun with family.

It’s been pretty chaotic, but so far it’s been fun, too.

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