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More very brief thoughts

-Copies made, all ready to go for CRT tomorrow. (Except for one book I still have to locate, but I think it’s at home.) Yay!
Semi-ready for W&T; should be ready soon enough. Semi-yay! Ready now – yay!
-Class rosters, etc., lined up and ready. Yay!
Still need to finish issue analysis for summer and get exams back . . . not-so-yay . . . Done – yay!
-Semi-prepared for faculty meeting tomorrow. Probably need to send an e-mail update.
-Need to e-mail about website — hmm . . .
-No work done on RR today — blech . . .

Other things I forgot:
-Call hotel about bill. Get reimbursement in.
-Call Dad.
-Clean out e-mail backlog (tonight?)
-Pick up missing book from home (definitely tonight!).

Add in the short article sent out earlier, and that counts as a (semi)productive day, right?

From Reese at FMH:

“Don’t we all go through those periods when we feel like our juggling is totally out of rhythm? When we feel like we’re doing everything halfway and not really getting anything done right and disappointing everyone in the process?”

Amen, sister.

From Mind on Fire, Neil, and AFP:

“Finish things.”

Yeah, that needs to be my new motto.


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Final edits to short article in; footnotes updated; CV updated; submissions sent out. (Deep breath.) Fingers crossed.

Okay, on to the next project.

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This semester

Things I’m looking forward to:

-Critical Race Theory is always fun to teach, and the new articles we’re going over should be really interesting.
-Lots of familiar faces — some of my favorite students are in my classes.
-M/W isn’t too bad of a schedule (but see)

Things I’m not looking forward to:

-8 a.m. Wills and Trusts — yeesh. (But, at least the class isn’t going to be on asymmetrical times — small blessings).
-All of the little changes I’ll have to be making for the new edition of the casebook (though it does look really nice)
-Tracking 20 students through the paper writing process; I like reading the papers, but herding and reminding and 20 students to get drafts in in time will be a bit of a chore.

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Finished writing my test.

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11.24, update


-Cleared out almost all e-mail backlog.
-Participation update.
-Figured out JRCLS stuff. Checked voice mail.
-Paid bills.

Still to do:

-Last few e-mails.
-Write exam
-Computer update.


-Meet students
-Job talk
-Figure out model answer
-Work on test

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Done, today, so far

Boiled a big pot of potatoes.
Rounded up a few loads of laundry.
Was a mean taskmaster to the children, making them fold clothes and clear tables and take out trash and pick up toys.
Folded some clothes.
Lost cell phone.
Got most of the rest of the files transfered.
Found cell phone. (In plain view.)
Got M. registered for some classes next semester.
Played computer and blogged a little.

Still to do:
Figure out which files I missed in the transfer. Get them moved.
Try to catch up some on my damn journal.
Clean the house some more?
Finish making mashed potatoes.
Ward thanksgiving party tonight. Take pictures.
Go paint the town red with M. and J.
Go run?
Read student papers and reply?

Move files off of old dining room computer?

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November 13th

A pretty enjoyable day so far.  Played water polo in the morning in swim class.  Scored one goal, assisted on two more, and had fun.  Also, had some online discussion at OM.  

Went with M. on a field trip with K’s class to the children’s museum.  It was a lot of fun — the kids played bumper cars on scooters, made block towers, had a huge pillow fight (we had to help a little), rock-climbed on walls, painted a (real!) car.  Tiring, but fun.  

Home, and then some general cleaning up.  Also, a nap.  

On tap for tonight:  

Watch kids while M. is in class.

Read student papers and get feedback to students.  

Get laundry done

Catch up more on journal

Class prep for tomorrow

Dinner etc.

Pay bills

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-Swam, in the rain.


-Got my free sandwich at Starbucks.

-Watched TV and read blogs and clicked refresh 500 times to get updated voting results.  

-Stayed up too late.

-Yay, Obama!

-Not yay, Prop 8.  😦

-Stayed up way too late, and now have election fatigue / election hangover.  


Teach, teach, busy bee.  Also, a faculty meeting.

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What’s up


-Cooked some dinner
-Stephanie over for play date.

To do, evening:

-Pick up a new alarm clock.
-Buy meringue powder, scale?
Done. 🙂


-Journal catchup
-Blog at Co-Op.
-E-mail: Shawna,
-Read student papers.
-Post Halloween pics

Today’s music:

Michelle Branch, All you wanted

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Being useful?


Swam, 1200 yards.  

Took a nap.  

Helped edit M.’s paper.  

Took out the trash from the McHugh move.  (Complicated — got Brian’s SUV, Brien’s trailer, cleared to use the dumpster, took the kids.)

Pack meeting.  

Long chat with a friend.  




Taught, this morning.

Talked with students in office hours.

Long chat with a friend.

Blogged some.

Got one issue analysis in to Kay.


To do, still:

Get other issue analyses in.  (Find the papers to type them up!)

Reimbursement forms in.

Teach, again.

Post slides.

Blog about SSM at Co-Op?

Spruce up this blog a little, maybe, perhaps?

Oh, and catch up on my journal.  Sigh.  

Oh, and finish costumes.

Participation done.

E-mail:  Josh, Amy, LR,

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