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Things to do today

Teach at 8 a.m. (Done!)
Post slides from class (fix 1 slide) (done 2:10pm)
Meet with student (Done – 10:30ish)
Figure out hotel bill discrepancy (done – 2pm)
Submit reimbursement
Stop surfing the internet so damn much.
Edit edit edit edit edit on RR.


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Today, May 19

Things I’ve done today:

-Edited Microreparations some more, though I still have a long way to go.
-Sent in Radical Reparations draft for Saturday.
-Figured out train schedule for Friday / Saturday.
-Booked hotel.
-E-mailed some people about articles.
-Had a good discussion with M.
-Cooked dinner
-Tinkered with blog settings.

To do tomorrow:

-Finish Dialogue piece and send it in
-Get a grading sheet done, maybe.
-Finish booking travel for this weekend (car & train)
-Figure out travel for June
-Get all summer school admin stuff done
-Blog at Co-Op about Jim Crow?

To do this week:

-Read the papers for the conference

To do, later:

-Edit Microreparations more

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Faculty meeting
Met students
Replied to student e-mails

To do, tomorrow:

Get answer key in
Finish replies to student mails
Journal catchup

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Wednesday morning

Taught, last class.
Met with students
Posted slides and old exam issue analysis

To do:
Drive to Arizona

On trip:
Catch up some on journal

E-mail D
Write exam
Work on paper draft

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11.24, update


-Cleared out almost all e-mail backlog.
-Participation update.
-Figured out JRCLS stuff. Checked voice mail.
-Paid bills.

Still to do:

-Last few e-mails.
-Write exam
-Computer update.


-Meet students
-Job talk
-Figure out model answer
-Work on test

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Monday the 24th

Done, so far:

-Attended faculty job talk
-Discussed faculty candidate
-Getting through e-mail backlog
-Student discussions
-Blogging at Befitting
-Some exam written

Still to do:

-Write more exam
-More e-mail backlog
-Figure out JRCLS stuff
-Update BA reading
-Figure out model answer
-Work out
-Move files from old computer

Busy day! (Aren’t they all.)

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Posted pictures; some e-mail caught up; some journal; went running; did some cleaning.  Started blogging at a group fitness blog.  Played video games with Kace.  

Still to do:

More journal catchup; more e-mail catchup; post slides; update BA reading.

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To do, today

M. is at school, and I’m on kid duty.

To do:
-Clean bedroom
-Get computer files transfered and figured out
-Get fully caught up on student e-mail backlog
-Journal catchup
Post ward party pictures
Bill pay catchup (mostly done now)
Go run

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Done, today, so far

Boiled a big pot of potatoes.
Rounded up a few loads of laundry.
Was a mean taskmaster to the children, making them fold clothes and clear tables and take out trash and pick up toys.
Folded some clothes.
Lost cell phone.
Got most of the rest of the files transfered.
Found cell phone. (In plain view.)
Got M. registered for some classes next semester.
Played computer and blogged a little.

Still to do:
Figure out which files I missed in the transfer. Get them moved.
Try to catch up some on my damn journal.
Clean the house some more?
Finish making mashed potatoes.
Ward thanksgiving party tonight. Take pictures.
Go paint the town red with M. and J.
Go run?
Read student papers and reply?

Move files off of old dining room computer?

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November 13th

A pretty enjoyable day so far.  Played water polo in the morning in swim class.  Scored one goal, assisted on two more, and had fun.  Also, had some online discussion at OM.  

Went with M. on a field trip with K’s class to the children’s museum.  It was a lot of fun — the kids played bumper cars on scooters, made block towers, had a huge pillow fight (we had to help a little), rock-climbed on walls, painted a (real!) car.  Tiring, but fun.  

Home, and then some general cleaning up.  Also, a nap.  

On tap for tonight:  

Watch kids while M. is in class.

Read student papers and get feedback to students.  

Get laundry done

Catch up more on journal

Class prep for tomorrow

Dinner etc.

Pay bills

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